They translate the younger brother of «The Thousand and One Nights”

They translate the younger brother of «The Thousand and One Nights”

Almost everyone is aware of the existence of the masterpiece of the "1001 nights", in which it is related how Sultan Shahryar, affected by his wife's infidelity, marrying different women and killing them at dawn.

This will happen until he marries the vizier's daughter, Scheherazade, who manages to save his life by creating stories every night, until he manages to give her a child and ask Shahryar for mercy. Now we have come across the existence and translation of a new book, belonging to this collection of medieval Arab stories, entitled "101 nights".

Claudia Ott is the translator of this new book and the “1001 nights”. Claudia, while playing the flute at the opening ceremony of "Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum: Masterpieces of Islamic Art" in Berlin, was astonished to see the manuscript in a display case which kept legible handwriting and was in good condition. Surprised by such an event, she asked to be given the pleasure of translating it into German and, without waiting, the same day began with it.

This discovery enriches the universal culture since “101 nights"It is not just a shortened version of his older brother the"1001 nights”, In fact, they only coincide in two stories:“The ebony horse" Y "The son of the king and the seven viziers"Popularly known as"The Book of Sinbad”.

The most impressive of the "101 nights”Is their geographical origin, North Africa and Andalusia, and the fantasy with which their stories are written. Through flying horses, passionate lovers, and even cannibals, the “101 nights” takes us to an unknown and exotic image of the EastAs well as attractive, it will immerse the reader in the exciting adventures of merchants and caliphs that flood their surroundings with fantasy.

For now, the collection is translated into German, but it will be translated shortly to be consulted by readers around the world so that in this way it is part of popular culture, and not be preserved only for academic and conservationist circles.

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