New excavations at the Tossal de la Cala site

New excavations at the Tossal de la Cala site

After having found some pieces that indicate the possibility of a Roman military fortification being found in the Tossal de la Cala site, the Benidorm City Council and the University of Alicante will carry out an archaeological excavation campaign this summer to confirm their presence.

The excavations will take place between July 1 and 12 by a team of ten volunteers who maintain that the objective is to verify, with the discovery of the wall, what they already know from the data they have been collecting so far. Eva Mayor, Councilor for Heritage, explained that they will be the first excavations in the place to obtain financing from the City Council, although studies have been carried out in the area since the 1940s.

The University of Alicante, in his latest studies, has established that the site belongs to the 1st century BC and that it was a Roman fortification, quite the opposite of what was previously thought, since older hypotheses historically established 300 years more and that they belonged to an Iberian town.

Feliciana Sala, who will direct the technical team of the University, places it from level 85 to the top of the mountain, something that favors the explanation of its military purpose during the roman sertorian wars. In the same way, until now the remains found are medical and surgical weapons and instruments that suggest that it was the Romans who inhabited it. Although possibly the troops that stayed there were auxiliaries, it is not ruled out that Iberian remains are found.

The Deposit It has already been the target of more excavations, in the 40s by the hand of Father Belda, in the 50s by the archaeologists Miquel Tarradel and Alejandro Ramos, and finally Francisco García Hernández in 1984. Despite the current situation, in which It is not easy to find funding for these cases, the University of Alicante has managed to renew the subsidy from the central government. However, after locating the remains, it will be necessary to try to secure the site for which more budget will be necessary.

Eva Mayor did not stop insisting, in a press conference, that the City Council has limited resources and for this reason, private sponsors are used, one of them, the Hotel Poseidón in Benidorm, will feed the volunteers during the excavations.

Image: Jose Manuel on Wikimedia

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