Fountain pens with style and history

Fountain pens with style and history

Writing, as we know it, has gone through a series of stages that have marked its historical evolution, plagued with discoveries and complications. In it, the fountain pen has had a lot to do with it.

In its origins, the only reliable instrument to capture on paper the words that would remain indelible over the years, were those pens of quill and of goose used by clerks. They were the transmitters of many of the best literary works ever written, such as the Shakespeare theaters wave novel Don Quixote de la Mancha. Pages and pages created by dipping the pen in the inkwell, fighting dripping and sometimes unavoidable ink smudges, constantly sharpening the tip of the instrument or changing it for useless.

The insistence on finding an alternative that would solve all these problems saw its first fruitful results in 1884, when YOU. Waterman patents a fountain pen, still rudimentary, that met the necessary requirements for proper operation. It consisted of a ink tank which was led to the nib through a feeder, and distributed it evenly across the paper.

A firm that has evolved and perfected its writing instruments in a dizzying way over the more than a century of life of the fountain pen.

One of the more modern models that has recently launched on the market is the Waterman Harley Davidson, whose design tries to resemble the legendary motorcycle.

During the 19th century, research around the fountain pen was key to achieving the perfection of the pens that today come to our hands. Through artisanal methods he made his way towards the scientific exploitation that came later.

W. A. ​​Scheaffer was instrumental in the achievement of a new charging system, which has been recorded in the annals of history by his 1819 patent. A century later, the Scheaffer house launched a limited edition of pens on the market, in commemoration of the craftsmanship of its beginnings.

To remind us how hard the expeditions all over the globe were, back in the year 1600, when the maps were not yet drawn, Montegrappa edits the fountain pen model GEA, which will help us show the way.

Feathers Montegrappa they are loaded not only with ink, but with symbolic content. One of his masterpieces is the collection Mayan Calendar, where you can see various engravings that reflect the beliefs of this culture regarding the end of the world. Various gods are represented in their structure, around an element of vital importance, the sacrificial sword.

According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world should have come on December 21. Fortunately, their predictions have not been fulfilled and we can continue to enjoy these jewels of history.

The Italian company Delta pays tribute to roman antiquity 1st century AD, when one of the wonders of the world was built: the Roman Coliseum. For this he designs the Colosseum Demonstrator, a benchmark for the golden age of the fountain pen, with an innovative side lever system. With details engraved in silver, orange resin decorating the cap and an 18-karat gold nib that together show a pen with great personality.

Visconti, the renowned Italian firm, in homage to architectural works of world significance, designs pens such as the Alhambra wave Taj Mahal, which evoke the Mozarabic culture.

Inspiration for Visconti comes from various points. In this case, it was the mausoleum Mumtaz Mahal, the largest goldsmith work on Earth, in which more than 20,000 men participated.

Home Stipula, quite young compared to its competitors, was founded in 1973 and its most important collection has beenThe Immortabili, where the Venus Memoriae It is the jewel of the family. Cult of the beauty of the human body, its originality has permeated lovers of writing.

To celebrate the 3000 years of history of the Jerusalem, home Or more elaborates a fountain pen of an exquisite and very complicated carving, where the wall that surrounds it, and the doors of Zion, Jaffa and Leon. As we can see, each fountain pen is impregnated with a piece of our past history.

But Omas also sets his sights on more recent events, such as the founding of UNICEF 1946. To recognize the hard work that this organization was doing in the most disadvantaged countries, in the 50th anniversary Since its creation, Omas has a pioneering initiative in the industry: it creates a collection of 24 fountain pens in which they participate featured characters of sport, culture and science. The first sales were destined for the foundation.

Omas Sings for Children

The Chinese firm Duke catches up with the greats with this delicate design that evokes the Peking opera. It's about the maximum artistic expression for Chinese culture where singing, martial arts or dance are its main disciplines.

The French companyS. T. Dupont, founded in 1872, has always been linked to excellence. During the period of increasing industrialization at the end of the century, he presented a collection carved inchinese lacquer, a manual work based on thefour elements: air, water, fire and earth. It is a limited edition of 200 copies, difficult to find. Those who own them have a jewel in their hands.

Great architectural masterpieces have been collected by this firm, in collaboration with the jewelry designer Philippe Tournaire. Les Invalides from Paris, the Russian saint basil's cathedral and the Sun Pagoda in China they have been reproduced in miniature in detail.

We cannot ignore the contributions of Montblanc to the evolution of the fountain pen. He began his artisan work in 1908, and has not stopped growing and evolving.

Its different modalities of the collection Skeleton They show us a renewed version of the fountain pen, in which we can see its interior.

This fountain pen that seems about to take off, is but a sample of Montblanc's great transformation in its writing instrument creations. Of the models vintage from its beginnings, it moves to a much more modern line. Together with the airline company Emirates, design this elegant pen, based on the Airbus 380, the aircraft with the largest number of passengers in the company. Its luxury is evident when observing the 28 diamonds that surround it, embedded in a platinum coverage.

Continuing with its modern and luxurious line, this original pen was designed for a specific event: the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco. It is a unique piece, designed by and for the link. Montblanc had its inspiration in the palace where the couple would reside.

Other fountain pens seem brought from the future, such as those that are part of the collection Cybergraphfrom Jean Pierre Lépin. Turned into a contemporary classic, its materials are the most sophisticated: palladium caps, resistant root wood and a curious way of recharging using a coupled pump. An authentic spelling brought from cyberspace.

As we see, the great milestones of history are linked in one way or another to writing, first in stone, then in papyrus, until reaching the paper. The fountain pens of the world collect those moments and put them in our hands.

Maybe in a few years we will have to complete our article with the presentation of digital pens, who knows!

I study journalism and law, and for both subjects history is essential. It is the basic pillar of our life. As a mother I try to introduce my son to the roots of our origin. I love to tell you stories about how our ancestors lived and interesting anecdotes that pique your curiosity. An exciting world that we will learn together here in Redhistoria.

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