Program Night of the Books 2013

Program Night of the Books 2013

The Madrid's community will celebrate the next April 23rd the eighth edition of the “Night of the Books", A cultural initiative under the motto"Can you give me a book? I give you a book"In which they will participate 200 bookstores and up to 500 writers, which will last all day.

For commemorate Book Day, numerous activities will be carried out where the main protagonists will be the books and everything they represent. Public libraries de la Comunidad, in addition to the regional library, will organize workshops, recitals and exhibitions focused on promoting good reading habits and the literary world, as well as the task of “infecting” the people of Madrid with the passion for books.

Also, in the Callao Square in Madrid, a "Red carpet”Of the culture in which there will be several authors signing books from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. Besides, the Royal Post Office will organize four activities with prominent personalities from the literary world, such as the Irish writer John Banville or the Spanish author Laura Fernández.

Another of the great meetings will be held in Alcalá 31 at 7:00 p.m. with the theme "Erotic spring”, Where some authors such as Cecilia Guiter, Arcadi Espada, Andrés Barba or Joana Bonet, will analyze the rebirth of erotic literature after the success of novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey.

In this edition, the regional government intends to pay tribute to the Madrid readers with a great photographic mosaic on the giant screens of the Plaza de Callao, since one more year they are among the most read in the whole country. To participate in the “photogallery”, Readers will be able to take their pictures with the book that they will give away on April 23, online, at the Botanical Garden on April 20 (where a professional photographer will take the photos of the readers) or in the Plaza de Callao on the 23rd.

In addition to all the aforementioned activities, the festival takes to the streets with a “gymkana Case GN Getafe Black”And guided tours of literary Madrid, in which some local Madrid members of the association“ La Noche en Vivo ”, the association of the Cinematographic Arts wave of Spanish Writers and Artists.

Following the trend of the last two editions, on this occasion several digital initiatives will also participate. The Andén Group will launch a special edition of “Tales for the Platform"In your application in audio-reading mode and"Digital and Internet journalist CulturamasThey will show videos where some writers will recommend readings for that day.

For more information about the event and activities, Internet users will be able to follow the process on social networks through the Hashtag #nighttime on Twitter, the Facebook page wave initiative website.

Here we leave you some links with the activities to be carried out throughout the Community of Madrid:

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