Book: "Sins and vices in Modern Andalusia" (16th-18th centuries)


Maria Ruiz, Doctor in Modern History from the University of Córdoba, has recently published Sins and vices of Modern Andalusia (Ediciones Rubeo), an innovative investigation on private life in Modern Andalusia through the analysis of the heterogeneity of the moral discourses of the moment.

In it he shows the course of the days where more than a routine conflicts and negotiations were permanently established, leaving the individual in a storm of limited freedoms and overcome impositions. Through the pages of the book will appear all kinds of transgressors, such as fraudulent artisans, greedy goldsmiths, indecent painters, unethical doctors, blasphemous peasants, robber soldiers and many more characters who were part of the resistances of Modern Andalusia.

The author, who has worked and researched for years to finalize the novel, defines his work as “an investigation that is detached directly from my doctoral thesis”, Which received last May 2012 the Cum Laude from the University of Córdoba. Manuel Peña, professor of the Department of Modern History of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Córdoba, who has recently published Andalusia: Inquisition and Various History in addition to other works such as Brief History of Andalusia (2012) or The Spains that (could not) be: heresies, exiles and other consciences (s. XVI-XX) (2009), has been in charge of preparing the prologue.

Sins and vices of Modern Andalusia It is a very innovative study of the History of the private life of Andalusia and has become a multidisciplinary work. "It was a very complex and risky investigation because it involved a reconstruction of the daily representations of the Andalusian past through sources as diverse as notarial, literary or moral”, Indicates María Ruiz.

The narrative style of the work has been adapted so that it reaches all possible readers, since “History must be at the service of the citizen and can only be useful if it sneaks into the small private libraries of all those readers hungry for renewed knowledge”, Maintains the author.

Sins and vices of Modern Andalusia is a book based on scientific rigor that at the same time offers moments of entertainment and reflection. Currently, the book can be requested from the publisher for 22 euros and will be available in any bookstore upon request to the distributor. Also, very soon we will find it in the on-line bookstores.

Courtesy of Editorial Rubeo and the author, we have a copy of «Sins and vices in Modern Andalusia»That very soon we will raffle among all our readers. We will give you more details shortly.

Almost graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. I started to like history in 2nd year of high school thanks to a very good teacher who made us see that we have to know our past to know where the future takes us. Since then I have not had the opportunity to investigate more in all that our history offers us, but now I can take up that concern and share it with you.

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