Pompeii: victim of corruption

Pompeii: victim of corruption

At archaeological site of Pompeii, Francesco Musolino, the highest representative of the Government of Naples, has ordered the anti-mafia leadership of the Italian government and the police to carry out raids to inspect the progress in the restoration of the House of Cupids and the House of the Great Fountain.

On the ground to which 105 million euros have been awarded by the European Union for the restoration, controls have been carried out on all workers and surveillance systems investigated in order to prevent the infiltration of organized crime groups and subject to fraud.

In August of last year the Italian government promised that “not a euro”Of the EU funds would end up in the hands of the Neapolitan mafia or Camorra.

The Roman site was covered in ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted 2,000 years ago. From 2010, Pompeii has come under international criticism that led to the resignation of the then Minister of Culture, Sandro Bondi, due to of the collapse of a part of the House of Gladiators.

The government of former Prime Minister Berlusconi was accused of carry out illegal work in the area. Scandals related to the mafia resulted in the diversion of funds destined for Pompeii and the periodic placement of its own employees to work at the spring.

Since much of the funding comes from the EU, it is an unsustainable situation for Italy as a European member, which has pledged to be more cautious on these issues.

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