They find a castreño deposit in Astorga

They find a castreño deposit in Astorga

This site is the third that has been located in this municipality and belongs to a settlement during the second century BC, once again verifying the existence of pre-Roman population in Astorga.

Due to the low budget of administrations, the few economic outlets of the City Council and of having as a priority the arrangement of the cube of the wall, in La Buraca street, no item will be allocated to carry out more work on the deposits.

The others two deposits found correspond to that of San Martino and La Mesa, in which no excavations have been carried out since 2010 despite the fact that a fourth phase was intended to be carried out in 2012.

Table was studied in 2006 and 2008, obtaining the conclusion that it was populated around 800 BC, a time of transition between the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Image: lironcareto on Wikimedia

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