They find in Barcelona a Roman head belonging to Silenus

They find in Barcelona a Roman head belonging to Silenus

During excavations in the Roman villa of the Pont del Treball Digne, in the Sagrera of Barcelona, ​​a Silenus marble head, mythical companion of the god of wine called Bacchus.

The discovery has occurred in a nearby area where the find of five wine presses and whose main characteristics show a man close to the third age, bald and bearded, belonging to the son of Pan, Silenus. As the story goes, Silenus raised and educated Bacchus and he was even his companion on trips surrounded by satyrs and bacchantes.

In July 2012 the discovery of another marble sculpture belonging to Bacchus-Dionysus and although they are of different dimensions, the researchers think that they are part of a single sculptural group. Bacchus' head appears to be winking and would be completed with a chest bust and hairy limbs. It is usually represented riding a donkey with satyrs at its sides.

Jaume Ciurana, Councilor for Culture of Barcelona, ​​announced the Silenus head and highlighted its importance in understanding the culture of old Barcino from the Roman villa of La Sagrera.

Isabel Rodà, archaeologist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and who has described the finding as “beautiful”, Argued that it is a Roman villa of great wealth and for this reason he does not deny that there may be more remains of the same typology, whose fine marble may come from the Greek islands. Rodà explained that it is not a work belonging to an artist, but that it was used as decoration as they are today "the garden gnomes”.

These pieces may have been found at this location because it was a town characterized by its famous wine, which was consumed throughout the Roman world.

Photo: Gianluca Battista

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