The Zaragoza Museum celebrates the III Conference of the Aragonese Museums

The Zaragoza Museum celebrates the III Conference of the Aragonese Museums

The May 7 and 8 will take place in the Zaragoza Museum the III Conference of the Aragonese Museums organized by the Department of Education, University, Culture and Sports and in which will present a pioneering tool for the identification and cataloging of archaeological remains. Registrations are free with the deadline ending on April 30.

The Government of Aragon will announce the museum and archeology professionals the Aragonese Museums Typological Thesaurus a tool that will facilitate working on archaeological objects.

During the days that the journeys will take place the interventions of the heads of the museums of Huesca, Calatayud, Juan Cabré de Calaceite, the Museum of Daroca, Albarracín, Teruel, the Museum of Zaragoza and the municipalities of the Aragonese capital, in order to show their work and exchange ideas. Among the topics discussed will also be an exhibition on the musealization of the sites.

To end the conference, the intervention of the director of the National Archaeological Museum.

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