The Diputación de Castellón locates 11 areas of archaeological interest

The Diputación de Castellón locates 11 areas of archaeological interest

The studies started at the end of 2012, by the Castellón Provincial Council's Archeology Service, to determine the heritage and tourist value of the municipal term of Espadilla have finished.

The archaeologists of the Diputación have carried out archaeological prospecting tasks, through which have located 11 areas of historical importance, which allow them to obtain more information about the past of the place. In this way, too, the support they offer to the town councils of the province with the initiative of being able to preserve their archaeological heritage has been demonstrated once again.

The main objective was the cataloging of archaeological sites belonging to the municipality to later appear in the Catalog of Protected Assets of the General Plan for Urban Planning (PGOU) of Espadilla

Some deposits found show signs that they were already known before, as is the case of a shelter with cave painting, a Roman villa, caves with signs of prehistoric occupation or engravings in the open air, but others have turned out to be totally new and unknown sites until now.

The cataloged deposits present a great chronological variety that extends from the Epipaleolithic to the Middle Ages, covering more than 10,000 years of history that will provide data to the more detailed studies that are carried out later.

In addition to catalog the Bronze Age, Ancient Iron or Iberian CultureThese studies have been carried out in more recent areas such as the places where important battles took place during the Spanish Civil War. It will be set in the PGOU the degree of protection they deserve, trying in this way to protect them from possible transformations or constructions on the ground.

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