There are remains of a ship that sailed in search of "El Dorado"

There are remains of a ship that sailed in search of

In 1616 Sir Walter Raleigh English writer, soldier and explorer began an expedition in search of a legendary city called "The Golden”. Raleigh sailed on a 15, 24 meter ship called the Flying Joan, which set sail in 1617 from Plymouth in the County of Devon (England). During the trip they were surprised by a storm. Accompanied by 29 more ships, the Raleigh fleet dissipated in the storm, sinking two ships including the Flying Joan.

Now, in the Isles of Scilly, a team of divers believes they have found the remains of this ship at a depth of fifteen meters. Among the remains are a bell, weapons from the Tudor period, and fragments of ancient pottery. The ship found fits the date and the style. It is a small boat, with a mast and a gun in the bow instead of a bowsprit.

Divers Todd Stevens and Robin Burrowsle have asked English Heritage, the English Heritage Agency, to confirm the discovery.

Few data are available on the crew that embarked on the expedition, except for John Chindley, captain of the ship that managed to reach land after the catastrophe, and for Raleigh who, after this second attempt to reach El Dorado, was executed for docking a Spanish border post.

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