Peru prevents the illicit export of archaeological remains

Peru prevents the illicit export of archaeological remains

According to the Ministry of Culture, so far this year the Peruvian customs authorities they have detained more than 150 objects and fossils that were being acquired illegally and were taken out of the country.

Most of the objects were discovered at Travellers who were at the Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport. Authorities have found shark teeth, five pottery shards and other property from archaeological and cultural importance.

Mechanisms have been established to avoid freight traffic of this type in various areas of Peru, but even so, archaeological looting in this country it is still important due to its rich indigenous and colonial history.

In 2013 an attempt was made stop the auction of 67 pieces of pre-Columbian art carried out by the auction house Sotheby`s, in Paris. In addition, the government sued Yale University to return archaeological pieces belonging to Machu Picchu.

On this last case, It is about 46,635 fragments that were taken by Yale for its research by Hiram Bingham, American historian sponsored by Yale and the National Geographic Society during the expeditions between 1912 and 1916.

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