They find a Roman mosaic in the Cathedral of Tarazona

They find a Roman mosaic in the Cathedral of Tarazona

While the atrium of the Tarazona Cathedral found a roman mosaic of polychrome type and that could be part of it 4th century building found in 2008.

The public building maintains an important urban projection. Have been obtained Roman pottery shards and building materials from different periods, thanks to the fact that stairs and flower beds have been removed from the square. Although it is not yet certain how much archaeological importance the mosaic has, it is expected that more clues about the monumental building will continue to appear.

At the moment the Restoration Master Plan tries preserve the remains and as soon as possible it will make them part of a museum. Something that does not prevent, at least still, the urbanization of the Plaza de la Seo, restoration of the atrium and the facade of the temple.

The restoration of the atrium and its surroundings It will be possible thanks to a budget of 1.8 million from a collaboration agreement with the Government of Aragon, the Provincial Council of Zaragoza, the City of Tarazona, the Bishopric and the Tarazona Monumental Foundation.

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