They discover the real tomb of Emperor Yang Guang

They discover the real tomb of Emperor Yang Guang

In Yangzhou, China, a tomb belonging to the famous emperor Yang Guang of the Sui dynasty, considered a despot in the country's history.

Chinese historians consider that the tyranny of the emperor was the reason why the Sui dynasty came to an end. But, it is also true that he carried out important constructions such as the Grand Canal or the reconstruction of the Great Wall.

It is thought that the grave belongs to yang due to an inscription on the tombstone in which he is named. The tomb is not as luxurious as that of other emperors, perhaps due to their sudden death, only 4.98 meters long and almost twenty feet wide.

It is also believed that the grave has been desecrated and the roof is weak due to construction on top of it. Despite its desecration, four valuable items have been found that may be characteristic of the royal family, among which are the figure of a lion and a jade belt decorated with gold.

Archaeologists found another nearby tomb that could belong to queen yang.

The discovery has shown that another mausoleum, twenty feet away and thought to be where Yang was buried, It is a fake which has served as a tourist attraction for many years. This mausoleum occupies an area of ​​30,000 meters and has commemorative arches, doors and walls.

China Daily

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