Investigations on the tomb of Boabdil

Investigations on the tomb of Boabdil

Abu Abdalla Mohamed XII (XI, according to recent research), better known as Boabdil for the Castilian population, last king of Granada from 1482 to 1492 and descendant of the Nasrid dynasty, he was forced to fight against his uncle "the Zagal”And against the zegríes in civil wars that little by little favored the advance of the Christians.

Granada falling on January 2, 1492, and the capitulation taking place on January 6 of that same year before the Catholic Monarchs, end to the Spanish Reconquest allowing Boabdil to retire to the Alpujarras region, who later moved to Fez (Morocco) until his death.

Ancient sources place his burial in an open area dedicated to prayer (musalla) near Bab Sharia, in the medina of Fez, better known today as the Puerta del Quemado. Relying on these sources, a group of Spaniards and Arabs is working on the ground in Fez with the aim of finding Boabdil. Among those who participate in these works are figures the size of Javier Balaguer (Goya-winning filmmaker) and Francisco Etxeberria (forensic, exhumator of graves from the Civil War and expert in the case of the children of Córdoba, Ruth and José).

Both have visited the burial site in March where the team has already conducted a survey with georadar. Balaguer explained that inside a small temple, today a deteriorated park, they have visualized two bodies, one of which is very possible that it belongs to Boabdil and the other to Sidi Bel Kassem, a saint whose memory was wanted to be preserved and whose burial would have been carried out to avoid the desecration of the previous one.

The excavations are paralyzed because they need to obtain Moroccan authorizations.

The body recognition It will not be an easy task for Etxeberria since in these cases, in Muslim burials, they are not buried with trousseau or any sword that can make the identification task easier. In fact, one of his swords is in the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián, given by the Catholic Monarchs to the first mayor of the Alhambra Iñigo López de Mendoza and that after passing through the hands of Blanca Porcel and Guirior, Marchioness of San Millán, It was donated to the museum in 1940.

As the investigation is not easy, take DNA samples and they will contrast them with descendants of the family but even so it may Boabdil's DNA has degraded over time.

Balaguer plans to make a documentary about what they are experiencing and discovering and he also intends to make a fiction film with the well-known actor Antonio Banderas as one of the protagonists.

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