Phoenician remains found in the center of Malaga

Phoenician remains found in the center of Malaga

Phoenician remains from 2,700 years ago have been discovered in the center of Malaga. The archaeological excavation has resulted in the discovery of a funerary structure from the orientalizing period, historically located between the 7th and 6th centuries BC.

In this case it is a camera located in the subsoil, made up of calcarenite ashlars and covered with masonry. Inside, human remains were found buried along with their trousseau. This find has allowed us to obtain more information about the Phoenician ancestors of this city.

The studies have concluded in one of his works that it is a man between the age of 30 and 40 and that he was about 1.80 meters tall. The trousseau next to which he was buried, it contains elements belonging to the eastern Mediterranean area. Among the items of the trousseau is a bronze helmet with Corinthian characteristics, an Egyptian scarab with the representation of an idol inlaid in gold and other metallic elements that are part of the armor of a warrior.

Patricia alba -delegate for Education, Culture and Sports- has confirmed its importance by visiting the site and argues that it is «of exceptional character for archeology and of great heritage value«, Reason enough for which the pieces of greater importance have been transferred immediately to the Archaeological Hall of the future Customs Museum where they can be observed.

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