30 tombs of Gallic warriors found in France

30 tombs of Gallic warriors found in France

In a business park near the city of Troyes, in central France, a team of archaeologists has found the tombs of various 2,300-year-old Gallic warriors.

In recent years, archaeologists belonging to the National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap), have carried out excavations near Buchéres. And despite having been working in the area for so long, the discovery has surprised by its length of 260 hectares in the place that will be the Aube Logistics Park.

In this find are 30 tombs historically located between 260 and 325 BC, revealing remains of warriors from Gaul, with weapons and shields in hand, who have been buried with the women.

Scientists are surprised at the place where the remains have been found, since no settlement had been documented in the area so far. It is believed that it may have been chosen as a cemetery site because it had been used for that purpose in the Bronze Age.

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