2,000-year-old ritual bath discovered in Jerusalem

2,000-year-old ritual bath discovered in Jerusalem

In the southwest of Jerusalem, due to the work carried out by a group of Israeli archaeologists, a 2,000-year-old ritual bath It stands out for collecting rainwater without the need for human intervention. The bathroom was discovered while the relevant works were being carried out for the construction of a new road in the Kiriat Menachem neighborhood.

Biniamín Storchan, archaeologist who directs the project, has pointed out that countless ritual baths have been discovered but that none had this unique system for supplying water. Among its characteristics, highlights the efficiency with which the system recovered even the smallest drop of water in a region characterized by its desert climate.

To this ritual bath It is accessed via stairs to an underground chamber that received rainwater thanks to three small aquifers located on the roof. It is considered that when receiving such water through an arrangement of channels and without human intervention, the liquid would be totally pure as stated by the strictest laws of the Jewish religion.

The mikve (ritual baths), continue to be used today by both men and women and are one of the oldest purification rituals of the Jewish religion. The most important men bathe in its waters before holidays like New Years, and women soak in its waters every month after the menstrual cycle.


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