April 27 and 28: Congress on the 8th centenary of the Christian conquest of Campo de Montiel

April 27 and 28: Congress on the 8th centenary of the Christian conquest of Campo de Montiel

In the year 1213, an occupation led by the king Alfonso VIII obtained the castle of Eznavexor or Torres de Xoray (Villamanrique) and with it the neighboring town of Alcaraz, located in the current Albacete, would fall, thus beginning the annexation of the Campos de Montiel to the domains of the Crown of Castile and culminating in 1227 with the taking of the Castillo de la Estrella.

After all these military actions, a repopulation process was carried out hand in hand with the Order of Santiago during much of the thirteenth century, an old Islamic land was converted into another of marked feudal character, erecting fortifications for defense and attracting new Christian peoples.

On the occasion of eighth centenary of this laborious conquest A scientific congress will be held from April 27 to 28, to provide new knowledge from the Campo de Montiel Study Center and the University of Castilla-La Mancha. In it, all kinds of historical, documentary and archaeological information will be dealt with, with special emphasis on the recent works that have been carried out in the Castillo de la Estrella, Jamila and Peñaflor or in the Castillo de Terrinches.

In the presentations that will be made, the events that took place in the conquest and others that, although they were located in nearby regions, are closely related to Campo de Montiel. All this trying to find a scientific debate and the contrast of ideas.

Here we leave you the link to the Congress program.

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