Roman baths found under Calle Real de San Fernando

Roman baths found under Calle Real de San Fernando

While the works of a train-tram were being carried out in San Fernando, near the castle of Saint Romualdo, the remains of some Roman baths dating from the 1st century AD. The discovery brings us even closer to the conclusion that at some point there was a Roman settlement at the site.

No one knew of the existence of Roman baths under Calle Real, a place where citizens have been walking for years. In a document, made by those responsible for archaeological control and delivered to the Ministry of Development, highlights the importance of this discovery that has gone unnoticed so far.

The report details the discoveries located along about six kilometers and that thanks to its conclusions it is known that the Calle Real has among its modern structures much more historical wealth than previously believed.

In addition to this discovery, many others have been made not so long ago, among which are the remains of the sewage system in the vicinity of Capitanía and the canyons of the War of independence next to the Zuazu Bridge and which monopolized the prominence of the media at the time.

At first it was thought that it was a square-plan furnace - a more frequent find on La Isla- but this idea was discarded when observing that it was a chamber located in the basement and that it provided heat to the bathrooms. The first thing that was found of the thermal baths was a wall made up of ashlars joined by lime mortar, they were almost two meters long and half a meter wide.

Through the excavations it was visualized that part of the pavement was formed by a set of bricks glued together and that they were part of a larger structure of four rows of columns framed in an oyster stone wall. The complex was damaged by a telephone prism and an old sewer system, which made it difficult to specify its real dimensions.

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