Remains of the Provincial Forum next to the Arch of Trajan

Remains of the Provincial Forum next to the Arch of Trajan

Due to an intervention, next to Arch of Trajan in Mérida, have been discovered remains of the Provincial Forum, bringing to light the original Roman pavement on which the slabs that adorned the monument were found.

This intervention was about one of the works that consisted of accommodating a hotel business premises next to the Arch of Trajan, through which one of the houses near the monument was being rehabilitated.

Among the results are various elements that have been found inside the house and that are historically relevant, therefore they have been incorporated into the remains of the Provincial Forum to allow them to be seen by citizens.

In order to access the building, an entrance will be enabled that has remained walled up until now, which is located on the Corner of the Poets Square.

For analyze the status of pipes Technicians from the Monumental City Consortium and the Mérida City Council have come to the site. It has been concluded that the new premises must be connected to the sanitation network that is several meters away and therefore they are forced to raise the current road. Apart from this, next to the archaeological remains there are water and telephone service conduits among others, which makes the works difficult and does not allow them to be carried out with the necessary space.

Image: Yuntero at Wikimedia Commons

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