Archaeologists investigate buildings found near ancient Ur

Archaeologists investigate buildings found near ancient Ur

A great building complex in Iraq they are being excavated and studied by a group of archaeologists from the University of Manchester.

Professor Stuart Campbell, Dr. Jane Luna, and archaeologist Robert Killick lead these excavations and think it is an administrative complex of the world's first cities about 4,000 years old. They are the first archaeologists to excavate in southern Iraq since 1980, where Sir Leonard Woolley unveiled the "Royal Tombs”Found in 1920.

The photos taken by the satellites suggested that a solid building was in the place and after the study its existence has been confirmed. After carrying out geophysical studies and several excavations in Tell khaiber They found that it was a complex with an area of ​​about 80 square meters, to get an idea, occupying practically the same size as a football field.

Around a large main patio Some rooms are located 20 km from Ur, which was the last capital of the royal Sumerian dynasty. Now surrounded by aridity and desolation, it was the place where cities, civilizations and Sumerians and Babylonians rose and made their home.

One of the most important findings is a clay plate, in which the figure of a worshiper dressed in a kind of sacred tunic open at the front is shown in relief.

The team intends to analyze the remains of plants and animals found in order to reconstruct the biological and economic characteristics of both the interior and the environment surrounding the building.

Professor Campbell explained that “The goal is to help rebuild capacity in archaeological expertise and heritage management, in collaboration with members of the Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, and thereby address the 20-year isolation that the community has experienced.”.

Image: Stuart Campbell of the Manchester University.

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