Exhibition “Before the flood. Mesopotamia, 3,500-2,100 BC "

Exhibition “Before the flood. Mesopotamia, 3,500-2,100 BC

Obra Social la Caixa presents “Before the Deluge. Mesopotamia, 3,500-2,100 B.C. ”, a exposition that brings us closer to the exciting culture of the Mesopotamian peoples and that can be seen until June 30.

Through a travel between about 400 pieces we will immerse ourselves in the world of the ancient Mesopotamians and we will visualize the remains that we have left of the preceding culture in the Near East. The pieces, coming from international public collections, show works of art and symbols that have been preserved to this day and in which many of them manifest a high religiosity and advanced coexistence.

The Sumerian-speaking Mesopotamian peoples and Akkadians created the first cities about 5,500 years ago in the marshes of the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers located in southern Iraq, in a place of fertile and wild lands. With what was the first city, Uruk, impressive advances were made in the field of both infrastructures and social, creating from the first communications network, calculation, writing, measurements of time and goods, to the establishment of a division of labor, a strong hierarchy and a capitalist sentiment.

I was born in Madrid on August 27, 1988 and since then I started a work of which there is no example. Fascinated by both numbers and letters and a lover of the unknown, that is why I am a future graduate in Economics and Journalism, interested in understanding life and the forces that have shaped it. Everything is easier, more useful and more exciting if, with a look at our past, we can improve our future and for that… History.

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