300 statuettes found in a Neolithic site in Greece

300 statuettes found in a Neolithic site in Greece

In the central Greece, where excavations were being carried out at a site belonging to the Neolithic Age, have come to light 300 clay figurines.

Its about Koutroulou Magoula site inhabited between 5800 BC. and 5300 BC, located near the town with the name of Neo Monastiri about 260 kilometers from Athens and in which specialists from the Greek Archaeological Service, the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom, and the British School in Athens have turned their efforts.

The houses that were built in this community were made of stone and mud bricks, some of the statuettes found embedded in its walls. It is thought that the idea with which these statuettes were made not only belonged to the aesthetic, but also reflected their ways of life in relation to culture and social identity.

The figures are gender diverse and some of them appear to be hybrids of male and female or of man and of some kind of bird. Excavations began in 2001 with the help of Nina Kyparissi and the last project began in 2010. The site has a huge extension with more than 5 meters high and presents three terraces surrounded by ditches.

Houses They seem to have been rehabilitated over time, and although most were made of mud bricks and stones, unusual characteristics are also perceived in this period, such as the existence of stone walls up to one meter high, which leads to to think that some of them were built entirely of stone, something unusual at that time.

The people who lived here they were engaged in agriculture Since they had flint or obsidian tools, they maintained relationships with other nearby settlements and worked in groups, something shown, for example, by the concentric ditches that they built around their homes.

Subsequently, the place has been visited during other times. In the Bronze Age A tomb was built and in medieval times at least one person was buried among these Neolithic houses.

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