They discover archaeological remains in the Palace of the Temple in Valencia

They discover archaeological remains in the Palace of the Temple in Valencia

The renovation works of the Temple palace, headquarters of the Government Delegation in Valencia, have been altered due to discovery of archaeological remains belonging to the Islamic period.

The rehabilitation of the Palace began in 2012, because it is a Property of Cultural Interest and more so because it belonged to Order of the Temple, and for this project studies were carried out in the inner courtyard of the building and it is here where remains of the Islamic wall, two towers and a barbican have been found. Likewise, they have come across remains of houses with plinths on their walls adorned with mural painting. Also, on January 11, bone remains of a woman and a five-year-old child belonging to the Almohad period were found.

Due to the great value they have and for their protection, attempts are being made to extract mural paintings to be able to place them on supports and later carry out a museographic treatment.

The site relevance makes its conservation and protection necessary, according to a report from the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain. To notify the importance of the findings, their occurrence in the announced tasks and adopt the necessary measures for the conservation of the Asset of Cultural Interest, all actions have been monitored by technicians from the General Directorate of Fine Arts, Cultural Assets, Archives and Libraries and of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Generalitat.

So important is preserve Islamic remains such as the Temple Palace since its construction began on June 6, 1761 and it is the only neoclassical building that is preserved in the place.

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