They denounce the abandonment of a deposit in Cartagena

They denounce the abandonment of a deposit in Cartagena

On a plot of Serreta street in Cartagena there is a archaeological site from Punic and Roman times whose deterioration and abandonment has been denounced by the cultural association of Convergencia Cívica de Cartagena y Comarca.

In 2007, the construction company Regia Carthago Promociones S.L contracted the archaeological intervention in the area and the archaeological remains found were cataloged and suggested that it was one of the main public works that had been carried out in the area. old town of Carthago Nova.

Since its discovery the remains they have been without any protection, which could have been covered with geotextile blankets or sand so that they suffered as little damage as possible. As these measures were not carried out, it has deteriorated over the years, being flooded with vegetation, garbage and weeds that barely reveal the remains that were once found.

Among the structures found There are walls that are mostly part of a main building, hydraulic pipes that circulated under the building and vestiges of one of the main carriageways of Carthago Nova with direction NE-SW. Among the remains are also the remains of a small staircase and other elements that can identify a Roman nympheus with a façade through which water circulated in the form of a public fountain.

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