Figures of the Mayan underworld found in El Trapiche

Figures of the Mayan underworld found in El Trapiche

In The Trapiche, Mayan place of origin with Olmec influences located in the west of the Central American country, the Government of El Salvador and Japanese experts found two zoomorphic stone heads and two fragments of stelae of about 2,000 years old.

In March 2012, through underground radar exploration, a number of anomalies were found on the ground. After months of excavations and investigations, by a project of the Seculture and Nagoya University (Japan), stumbled upon this discovery between August and September, but now is when it has been made public. The Secultura reported that the pieces found had been found at the foot of a 22-meter-high pyramid.

Regarding the heads found, it has not yet been determined exactly what they are, They could represent a jaguar or a bat since their features are characteristic of these animalsShione Shibata, director of Archeology of the National Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Seculture, and Nobuyuki Ito, an archaeologist from Nagoya University, have reported.

Jaguars and bats were related to the underworldTherefore, this site may have been a place of religious rituals, even so the heads will continue to be analyzed to know with certainty what they correspond to.

Both Shibata and Ito have made a presentation of the pieces in the Casa Blanca archaeological park, in Chalchuapa.

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