The oldest ivory workshop in Europe has been found in Seville

The oldest ivory workshop in Europe has been found in Seville

In Seville, specifically in Valencia de la Concepción, there is the Europe's oldest ivory workshop confirmed by a study on pieces found in this locality.

Likewise, research published in the Journal of Archaeological Science on this prehistoric site informs us that the Asian ivory trade was a very common practice during the Copper Age. Among the remains were unfinished objects of ivory, bone, antler, matrices and a copper saw, some of which were used as funerary objects.

By means of these objects it is interpreted that it was a local and quite specialized production, with objects of great importance, prestige and a high price at that time. For all this, it is shown that Seville was the scene of an exchange network that extended to the Middle East, but it is still unknown who the intermediaries in this network were and where exactly their routes were located.

The origin, diet and animal species of which came the ivory found have been identified thanks to infrared spectroscopy techniques and the measurement of carbon and nitrogen.

The place where the remains were found corresponds to the ancient Tartessian Gulf, place of transit of raw materials and exotic products to the Iberian Peninsula in ancient times.

Until now only ivory workshops were known to exist at the time of Old Bronze and it was thought that the ivory that was treated in the Iberian Peninsula came from Africa, from an extinct species of the branch of the elephants (Elephas antiquus).

Image: Valencina Museum

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