They will restore the oldest church in the world

They will restore the oldest church in the world

The Turkish government will give the initiative for the restoration of the Cave of San Pedro in Antioquia. It is the oldest church in the world, found on a hillside and which according to Christian culture is the place where it was celebrated the first mass 2,000 years ago by the hand of an apostle and later used as a chapel.

The renovation is under the direction of Antioquia Museum, which has the jurisdiction of the St. Peter's Church, a character in history who was the first bishop of Antioch after leaving Jerusalem and before traveling to Rome.

The cave is located 13 meters deep and under risk of collapse, located on the outskirts of the Turkish city of Antakya, near the Syrian civil war and with the jihadist militia transit.

The restoration work They will focus first on stabilizing the area, supporting the cave with steel beams, then they will proceed to clean its interior to preserve the mosaics. Under the cave the typical refreshment posts will be built, such as a gift shop, a bar and a restaurant. The Ministry of Culture hopes in this way to boost tourism and pilgrimage in the area, which is currently in decline due to the war in Syria.

Although Christianity is not widespread in Antioch there are three patriarchs, the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch Bechara Rai, the Syrian Catholic Ignace Yoseph III Youan and the Greek Melkite Gregory III Laham, and it will continue to be a place of great historical importance for this religion since in this site they were called “christians" for the first time.

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