Lorca sites, classified as cultural assets

Lorca sites, classified as cultural assets

The archaeological sites found in Lorca named Zúñiga's Big Coat Y Barranco de la Hoz They have been declared cultural property due to their importance to society.

Abrigo Grande de Zuñiga is about a eight meter long cave at its entrance, 4.5 meters high and two meters deep. In its interior archaeological remains were found corresponding to flakes of flint of a pinkish color and tools of type Solutrean-Magdalenian.

For its part, Barranco de la Hoz It is very close to the previous one and in it they have been found remains belonging to the late medieval period, including a foot of lamp and walls and edges of glazed ceramic.

For all the above, the General Directorate of Cultural Assets has cataloged them so that are kept in the best possible condition.

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