They find a possible pre-Hispanic dock in Veracruz

They find a possible pre-Hispanic dock in Veracruz

In Tabuco, a place prehispanic from Veracruz, a group of Mexican archaeologists belonging to the National Institute of Anthropology and History have found a retaining wall, four rooms of worship and stucco floors of about 1,000 years old.

The remains may be a old dock where the traffic of sailors and goods was controlled, antecedent of the port of Tuxpan, if so it would be the first with these characteristics on the Gulf coast.

The site was found in the 1940s by Gordon Ekholm, who through his studies determined that the site was occupied in the Protoclassic (100 BC to 250 AD) and Early Postclassic (900 - 1200 AD) periods.

In 2012, a archaeological rescue campaign in order to find and rehabilitate the remains that, although they were not visualized on the surface, were known to exist due to the surveys that had been carried out.

Through the excavations little by little they found what at first seemed non-existent. First, they found remains of ceramics, animals, shells and oysters. Later, in the northwestern part of the excavation site, they came across a wall more than 15 meters long, composed of large stones and conglomerates of ground shells. Parallel to the wall, three rooms in the shape of a circle and destined for worship were displayed, located in what could have been the entrance to a ceremonial center.

In the western part What could have been an elite residence has been found, a circular structure 15 meters in diameter and 60 meters high, with a small staircase and a ramp in the southern part of the building.

Have been found 50 skeletons of men, women and children which were buried in an extended and flexed way, but their cultural affiliations and their causes of mortality have not yet been studied.

The reason for abandoning the place could be due to a flood since the plants contain organic materials in the upper zones.

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