They discover a grave from the 4th century in Catalonia

They discover a grave from the 4th century in Catalonia

They have been in progress for two weeks excavations in Els Prats de Rei, which have allowed to find a tombstone belonging to the 4th century, which corresponds to an important character since it is characterized by its mosaic structure and with a Christian symbol called Crismón.

The works are directed by Dídac Pàmies, who comments that it is an important finding considering that in Catalonia only six have been found with the same characteristics, four in Tarragona, one in Barcelona and one in Terrassa.

The mosaic burial It was located in front of the church of Santa María and is part of an early Christian pantheon. This has not been the only find found during the excavations, they have also brought to light remains from the Iberian, Roman and medieval times, including six sarcophagi and 38 skeletons located between the 4th and 18th centuries.

As has already happened in numerous occasions, the remains have been found while the sewerage and renovation works were being carried out in the old town of the municipality of Anoia. The works to be carried out in Els Prats de Rei They must always be supervised by an archaeologist since it was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

In total, the city council has received 1.2 million euros from the Viure al Poble de la Generalitat programs, grants from the Diputació de Barcelona and also from the PUOSC.

Image: Jordi Ferrer on Wikimedia

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