Book «Homo Evolutis»

Book «Homo Evolutis»

The new evolutionary stage of man is already here, or that is, at least, what they claim Juan Enriquez and his colleague Steve Gulans, in his book "Homo Evolutis", the new ladder of human development, which will surpass Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

From that Protohuman named "Homo Habilis”, Which began to manipulate its environment, creating tools to make life easier, until appearance of modern human, the Homo Sapiens Sapiens a man doubly wise, it has been little more than a million and a half years.

While other animal species of mammals have been on the planet for a much longer time, with hardly undergoing drastic evolutionary changes, man is the animal that has evolved the fastest and has done so in an exponential way, both from the point of view of qualitative view (let's compare those rude primitive hominids with ourselves) as quantitative (We are without a doubt the most widespread dominant species on the planet).

But nevertheless, far from having reached the evolutionary ceiling as many scientists assumed given the perfection achieved by the human body, we're about to take a leap into another kind of human, more perfect if possible.

However, this time it will not be an evolution caused by a certain genetic mutation. We are talking about a evolutionself-inducedBy man himself. An interaction of Homo Sapiens himself with his own body. In the same way that our predecessor Homo Habilis used his ability to create tools to manipulate his environment, modern man will do the same with the technology he developed, creating a new generation of humans: half organic, half robotic, the cyborg.

Juan Enriquez Y Steve Gulans argue in their book, that it will be the combination of genomics, robotics and other new disciplines such as nutrigenomics, which will transform Homo Sapiens Sapiens into a more evolved form of hominid. Both scientists affirm that the replacement of those body parts that cease to be functional will be the norm in the near future.

In the same way, nutrigenomics, or what is the same, the application of nutrition to our genetic map, will allow us to be healthier every day, prevent diseases and delay cell degeneration.

These claims seem like science fiction stuff, but the truth is that they are already being developed and applied right now. Cybernetic eyes already exist, and exoskeletal technology and artificial limbs are being developed. There are also nutrigenomic tests that tell us which foods are the most beneficial for a specific person, and which could lead us, by our particular genetic disposition, to develop future diseases that improve our health.

In short, tomorrow is not as far away as it seems, and in the next decade human beings will not be limited by physical defects, being increasingly stronger, resistant and long-lived and with a superior quality of life. In a few years we will be a new species, Homo Evolutis, and we will have achieved it thanks to science and our intellect.

Video: Homo Evolutis: Juan Enriquez at TEDxSMU