Second Intermediate Period tombs discovered in Egypt

Second Intermediate Period tombs discovered in Egypt

On the hill of Dra Abu el-Naga in Luxor (ancient Thebes), the Djehuty project led by CSIC confirms the finding of a cemetery belonging to the elite of the 17th dynasty of the Ancient Egypt.

The results affirm that the tombs belong to four people who lived 3,550 years ago, a little-known historical period and in which the foundations of the Egyptian empire on Palestine, Syria and Nubia are laid. We talk about Second Intermediate Period (between 1800 and 1550 before our era), in which the city of Thebes becomes the capital of the kingdom, a great political fragmentation since the effective power belongs to the local governors without still controlling the entire territory. The 17th dynasty unified the country and made it possible for the New Kingdom to germinate.

In the case of XII campaign of archaeological excavations, the project we are talking about is directed by José Manuel Galán, belonging to the Institute of Languages ​​and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and receives funding from Unión Fenosa Gas and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

One of the graves is of a person named Intefmose, which is called "King's son"In one of the three inscriptions that accompany it, which leads to think that it is the son of Sobekemsaf, one of the first kings of the XVII dynasty. This tomb is a small chapel built with adobe bricks.

Another of the tombs belongs to Ahhotep, known by the nickname "Nejen spokesperson”, In which three funerary clay figures, called shabtis, were found, with the name of this character carved on the front.

They have also been found the coffin of a child, as well as a set of shabtis and linens belonging to another boy, Prince Ahmose-sapair.

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Image Credit: CSIC

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