Byzantine wine press discovered in Jerusalem

Byzantine wine press discovered in Jerusalem

Remains of a industrial facility belonging to the Byzantine period They have been discovered under the busy Hai Gaon street in Jerusalem. This type of installation is usually used for the extraction of some type of liquid, mainly wine through the grape press.

Is the first structure that has been discovered in this part of the city and the fact that the facility is located relatively far from Tel Yafo adds a great dimension to the agricultural distribution that the region had during Ottoman times.

The facility, which is probably historically located during the second half of the Byzantine period (6th century - early 7th century AD), it is divided into several paved structures and each unit is connected with a plastered receiving tank. Pressing was carried out on the surface and the resulting liquid was drained into the buckets. The city stands out for its rich and diverse agricultural tradition and possessed a large number of fertile lands during Ottoman times, as related in various Egyptian documents.

The discovered part may only be one small section of the overall facility and therefore other elements are likely to come to light through the excavations of the adjacent streets, which are expected to be carried out in late 2013.

The site had been covered with the construction of facilities overhead but miraculously it has not been seriously damaged, allowing continue work on infrastructure without jeopardizing the preservation of antiques for future generations.

Before the installation of new structures, as the region was declared as antique placeThe first hand excavations were carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which fortunately had this result. This has been the case for many of the relics previously discovered through this project, which reflects the cooperation and balance between preserving archaeological remains and the necessary modernization of the city.

Source:The Israel Antiquities Authority

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