Journalism and History, two degrees with certain similarities

Journalism and History, two degrees with certain similarities

If there are two university majors that have a closer relationship than we can imagine, these are the degree in History and the degree in Journalism. In both cases, the research is basic to be able to carry out from an article to a note, and the techniques that are applied are usually quite similar.

In fact, many journalists study the historical research techniques that are usually taught in the degrees of History, which offers us a large number of essential tools to be able to delve into any subject.

The historical research it tends to be much denser than journalism, although in the latter case it will always depend on the type of report that is being done. There are many that even take much longer to collect data than a report from a certain time, playing in it various factors such as the amount of material we have, access to information, the availability of interviews in case of be about contemporary issues, among others.

¿A journalist is trained to conduct a historical investigation? Definitely yes, although it is true that they may have certain limitations inherent to a university career other than History, but this will not prevent them from doing a good research and documentation task, since they are trained to do so.

¿One race or another? This decision is already much more personal, as it will depend on the own taste of each one of us. Journalism is much more open (but not simple), differing greatly from a degree such as History, which is much denser in terms of amount of information and much more specific, which can lead to those who are not really passionate about the subject, want to quickly abandon it.

There are many more features that allow you to plot a interesting parallelism between these two races, undoubtedly the most interesting for those who like to delve both in the past and in the everyday world, but there is an undeniable reality and that is that the journalist needs to have very good historical knowledge in order to understand their current world.

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