In the Puerta de Toledo four busts are discovered that could belong to the time of Alfonso X

In the Puerta de Toledo four busts are discovered that could belong to the time of Alfonso X

Four sculpted busts, which could be from the time of Alfonso X the Wise, have been found in the Toledo Gate of Ciudad Real, Spain.

While the tasks of cleaning and restoration of the Puerta de ToledoFour busts have been discovered located in the two keys of the vaults that surround the passage through the interior of the Gate and which are known to belong to the time when it was built.

Among these interesting findings, they have also been found remains of plastering and cutting of ashlar masonry in cobalt blue color. Likewise, it is known that in the upper part there was a vaulted plant, which today is conspicuous by its absence, and it could be a kind of warehouse where the rake machinery and the guardhouse were housed, having been used until the first years 19th century.

Although there is still a need to carry out an exhaustive study on the remains found, everything indicates that could date from the time of Alfonso X the Wise, a fact that would allow denying that the origin of the Puerta de Toledo was from the fourteenth century, as was thought up to now.

Rosa Romero and Carmen Cafranga, Mayor of Ciudad Real and President of the Cajamadrid Foundation respectively, have traveled to the Puerta de Toledo to learn about these discoveries.

The Mayor has been grateful for the effort that the Cajamadrid Foundation has dedicated to the restoration of this monument, since Ciudad Real feels identified with it, and has argued that having the foundation as an ally has been a very significant point for the project because it stands out having a cultural department and some very important professionals.

The restoration of the Puerta de Toledo it has gone through different phases so far. Firstly, in 2009, a management of the surroundings and isolation of the monument from the circulation of vehicles was sought, in this first phase 599,922 euros were used and it was carried out by the City Council. In October 2012, the phase that is now underway began and which has been fully funded by the Cajamadrid Foundation with 719,018 euros, in which it is intended to return its value to the monument.

There would be a final phase to be carried out, which aims to adapt the pedestrian space near the Gate by creating a walk that encompasses its surroundings and extends to the Plaza de España.

Image: Javier Martin on Wikimedia

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