A crypt hidden for 17 years opens its doors in León during Holy Week

A crypt hidden for 17 years opens its doors in León during Holy Week

During Holy Week, the City Council of León will open to the public the Roman remains of Puerta Obispo that have been hidden for 17 years. 12,000 pieces of medieval and Roman character were extracted from this small underground area.

Due to legal problems, the City Council could not show the Roman remains that had been located before the public. The builder of the crypt made it sealed, not allowing its visit, therefore the doors were not used when not being used over time.

On the crypt, which presents a lot of information to rebuild the past, they wanted to build a glass bubble to access it, but the plan was rejected in November by the Heritage and now on February 28, the Board accepted the new request.

The City Council in its proposal intends build some sliding doors and place a steel railing that will protect the crypt from any damage, something that will not require a larger budget as it is carried out by the City Council brigades.

Great success is ensured in the face of the new measures taken, since despite having only opened in 2006 and for a short period of time, the crypt managed to have more than 30,000 visitors, a fairly high number considering that it measures 300 square meters and that then the crypt had only been built a decade.

Thanks to this site, evidence was found by the historian and expert in Roman Lion Ángel Morillo, that the city had been inhabited without rest between the 1st and 10th centuries. Also in this place an oil lamp or lucerne was found –conserved in the Museum of León- of about eight centimeters, decorated with the image of a doctor performing a gynecological examination on a woman. The presence of doctors shows the importance of the Roman camp that would give rise to the city of León, because it proves the existence of a military hospital whose situation is still unknown.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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