Bronze sites from Roman times found in Tarragona

Bronze sites from Roman times found in Tarragona

During the excavations of the port of Tarragona, bronze vessels (sítulas or acetres) that come from the Roman age. The containers come from a monumental source with the name of Los Leones and the collapse of a suburban domus.

The excavations have been carried out while the Special Interior Reform Plan-2 (PERI-2) (Jaume i-Tabacalera) was being carried out, which has affected a large part of the port area of ​​Tarraco.

Have been found two sites from the Los Leones archaeological deposit and five sites and one patera from the collapse of the suburban domus. Part of the sites of this second deposit are small, which suggests that they were used for other different tasks apart from liquid containment, such as exposure to fire. Most of them show signs of deterioration and evidence of various repairs, probably due to a long period and intensive use.

The Lions They received such a name because there was an accumulation of sedimentation levels that filled the interior of a place with a facade decorated with spouts in the shape of a reclining lion.

With the collapse of the roof at the end of the 3rd century, it became an open-top pond, where water was collected from above with the help of amphorae and containers tied to ropes. The water that remained in the cavity was of variable level depending on the amount that the natural spring contributed or the progressive clogging with sediments that were located at the bottom of the source. The containers found fell off the rope and fell to the bottom in the late 3rd and 5th centuries.

On the other hand, the phase of destruction of the suburban domus is located at the end of the third century and has been related to the barbarian invasion that affected during this same century Tarraco. The conclusions are based on the writings that Roman historians have left us, through which they tell how the barbarians sacked the city, damaging the port suburb and using the boats to go a part of them to North Africa while others remained in the city for twelve years.

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