Old playing fields found in Mexico

Old playing fields found in Mexico

A group of archaeologists has discovered three ancient pre-hispanic playing fields in the eastern state of Veracruz, Mexico. The site is 1,000 years old, was found using laser scanners (LADER) and is located in El Tajín.

It is thought that they were fields used for the ball game by Mayans and other pre-Columbian peoples. The game was about hitting a rubber ball with the hips, scoring when it touched a hoop, or getting an immediate victory if it passed through the middle.

The structures, which were hidden behind layers of soil and vegetation, have been located through the use of aerial photography, remote sensors, and laser scanners, according to experts from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Apart from the three playing fields archaeologists have found platforms that measure about 10 meters wide and 12 high that could have been used as balconies in which a general view of the playing venue. At the moment digital 3D models are being elaborated because there is still much to excavate, has argued Zetina Guadalupe, an archaeologist from El Tajín.

Have also been found remains of family homes west of the archaeological site. Although it is not known who its first inhabitants were, Tajín had its heyday at the beginning of the 13th and 9th centuries, at which time it was the most important place in Mesoamerica.

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