Ancient Troy will have its own museum

Ancient Troy will have its own museum

Despite the fact that more than 150 years ago the excavations on the ancient city of Troy, experts believe that several centuries of work will still be necessary. Despite this, the construction of the Trojan museum.

In 1863 work began on the trojan soil, leading the excavations Frank Calvert, who was replaced in 1988 by the German archaeologist Manfred Professor Osman Korfmann who made great discoveries.

After Korfmann, Professor Ernst Pernicka wanted to take over the excavations, but due to lack of resources The works had to be stopped as a consequence of the financial problems of 2012.

In 1996 the land became a national park and in 1998 it was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Troy will enhance the prestige of Turkey by greatly boosting tourism in Çanakkale.

You can read in more detail the events that have happened to Korfmann through a book with the name «Troia Rüzgarı»In which his articles have been collected and which was published last year in English, German and Turkish. This idea arose because although these articles had previously been published in magazines, they are not easily accessible.

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