Three Macedonian tombs found in Aigai

Three Macedonian tombs found in Aigai

Have been discovered three Macedonian tombs around the Town Hall of Vergina which open a new episode on the history of the Macedonians. Dr. Angeliki Kottaridi has commented that the one in the middle of the three is decorated with blue and red bands and contains a stone pedestal that was used as a funeral bed. Another of the tombs, which was located to the south, is very deteriorated.

The tomb located to the north is formed by a large hypostyle hall. Two groups of non-fluted Ionic columns were placed along the axis of the building to support the stone ceiling and later semi-columns were added but with a decorative role. A pedestal that joins the funerary bed and an urn is located just in front of the entrance, which is framed with two semi-columns.

In addition to the architectural features, there are a number of human and animal remains that should be examined. In the tomb that was destroyed there are the remains of fifteen horses, several dogs, twelve adults and babies that must have been thrown inside the tomb after its original use along with pieces of ceramic, tiles, marble and a scroll. The foregoing shows that it may be related to the destruction of Aigai that took place after the defeat of Perseus by the Romans at Pidna (168 BC) and the fall of the Macedonian kingdom.

Although the graves were looted, between the hypostyle and the Cist tombDigging deeper, archaeologists have found a floor paved with boulders and colored and white plaster pieces. Its original construction has not been found, since many of the materials have disappeared to give them another use. However, the funerary cult can be demonstrated by means of alabaster fragments and a bronze plaque found on the ground. In turn, it can be located in time thanks to a Coin of Loss II which dates it between 454-413 BC.

Fragments of a flower ornament that was sculpted with spiral buds and acanthus leaves indicate that it came from a funerary monument located on the surface. Stratigraphy indicates that there have been three or four more graves in the cluster area being explored.

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