Medieval remains of the Order of Teutonic Knights found in Poland

Medieval remains of the Order of Teutonic Knights found in Poland

The remains of three leaders of the Teutonic Knights, a religious order that roamed the lands centuries ago.

Bogumil Wisniewski, head of a team that found the skeletons, assures that through the DNA tests that have been carried out on the remains, it can be shown with a 96% probability that they are the great armed leaders, their names being pile Werner von Orseln, Ludolf Koenig and Heinrich von Plauen.

The skeletons were discovered in a tomb under Kwidzyn Cathedral in northern Poland on May 3, 2007. Along with them were pieces of brooches and ornate silk that identify them as high religious officials.

The order to which they belong was founded in the year 1190, during the Third crusade in the Holy Land. Members came not only from regions where German was spoken, but also from various places throughout Europe. Requested by the Polish Duke Konrad of Mazovia in 1226, to help him conquer the pagan population of neighboring Prussia, they achieved a series of successes but were eventually defeated at the Battle of Grunwald in 1410, by an army of Poles and Lithuanians. .

The order lost its religious character and his domain became the Duchy of Prussia that I endured until, after World War II, Germany lost the territories of Poland and Prussia.

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