No funding is obtained to continue with the excavations at the Carisa site

No funding is obtained to continue with the excavations at the Carisa site

There are no plans to finance any excavation by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in La Carisa (Asturias), where they have previously been carried out important discoveries and the investigations have not yet been completed.

What has been said above makes it difficult to continue studying in the Picu Llagüezos, territory where previously an old fortification and remains of Roman origin have been found.

More than five years ago, two investigations were carried out in which the earth revealed the Roman camp of Curriel. Asturian-Visigothic town of Homón de Faro.

During the summer of 2011, the last excavation financed with 6,000 euros was carried out between the mayors of Aller, Lena and Villamanín, which was coordinated by Jorge Camino and directed by Esperanza Martín. A few days after starting the remote sensing of metals, war material and a silver denarius were found, a currency that was issued between the 80s and 90s before Christ. This discovery shows that Carisa is the oldest Roman enclave in Asturias as there is no coin older than that in its territory.

Now the municipalities' budget has been exhausted and the experts consider that the investigation is not finished, therefore Ramón Argüelles and David Moreno, as councilors of Lena and Aller, decided to go to the Government to seek support since up to now the Ministry of Culture has not participated in any of the studies carried out on the enclave.

Until now it is thought that the Romans entered through the territory that Villamanín occupies today and they initially settled in Picu L. lagüezos. The Curriel enclave could have occurred later, and a more stable settlement within the advance towards Asturian territory.

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