The Lyceum of Aristotle in Athens will open to the public this summer

The Lyceum of Aristotle in Athens will open to the public this summer

The Aristotle's Lyceum discovered in the center of Athens Fourteen years ago, after a series of interventions, it was approved by the Central Archaeological Council for its opening to the public this summer.

The Liceo was a school that founded by Aristotle himself after his return to Athens in 335 BC. after having been tutor of the teachings received by Prince Alexander of Macedonia, which would be future Alexander the Great. It received the name of Lyceum when it was located in the lands bordering the Temple of Apollo Líceo.

In the Lyceum, philosophical discussions and had been the meeting place of the Athenian assembly before it moved to the Pnyx hill permanently. In this place the philosopher and his students argued while taking a walk ("peripato" in Greek) through a covered portico, due to this it received the name of peripatetic school.

Although later rebuilt, the place experienced a great tragic episode, since being located outside the walls of ancient Athens it was mercilessly razed by the Roman general Lucius Sulla Cornelius in 86 BC

The location of the place has been unknown until 1996, when it was discovered by excavations carried out for the museum of Modern Art of Athens.

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