They find remains of the convent of San Pablo de Granadal and a drain from Roman times in the Safont ski lift

They find remains of the convent of San Pablo de Granadal and a drain from Roman times in the Safont ski lift

At the beginning of February the bulldozers worked again in the area of Safont ski lift in Toledo, confirming the existence of two archaeological sites.

Working on 20% of the works started previously, remains of the former convent of San Pablo del Granadal and that could be belonging to the outer wall.

Another of the sources that have been discovered could be a drain from roman times, similar to the one that we can observe in the Puerta del Sol. Before they discovered it, it was already thought of its existence due to the remains that appeared in the area of ​​Doce Cantos and in front of San Juan de los Reyes.

Without yet having the report HeritageApparently, such a discovery will not cancel the execution of the works for the realization of an escalator like an elevator in Safont.

The findings results They will possibly be classified and studied for their possible incorporation into the works and in this way they can be contemplated, in the event that this is not the case due to the high costs that it may entail, the pieces will be covered to protect them from deterioration.

The surface where both remains have appeared is very close to where the elevator is being built, according to the rectification of the project acquired by the Ministry of Development. Due to the fact that the elevator that was previously going to go underground but due to lower costs, it is now intended that this annex to the mountain, it has to be studied if it has to be moved slightly or if it can work in the place without the uneasiness of affecting the remains.

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