They discover a Greco-Roman cemetery in Alexandria

They discover a Greco-Roman cemetery in Alexandria

In an archaeological zone called "Bridge 27”Located in the Al-Qabari district, a slum of Alexandria, they have discovered Greco-Roman tombs during a routine inspection.

Although the graves They are submerged in underground water and part of their engravings have been correctly preserved. Each of them consists of two floors, the first floor being the burial chamber.

Although the tombs are empty of mummies, corpses or funeral objects are known to have been intended for common people and not for members of the nobility or royalty. The find corresponds to part of the western area of ​​a cemetery that was originally larger, called "Necropolis" (or City of the Dead).

Until now more than 37 graves have been discovered, among which a nuptial bed stands out, and they provide a large amount of information about the rituals that were performed at funerals in Hellenic times.

Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities has described the discovery as “very important”Since in addition to being an important element for tourism in the city, it will allow us to learn more about the history of Alexandria. The reason for such a routine inspection is due to the fact that before being able to build on Egyptian land, the legislation requires an examination of the surface, since an occasion like this could occur.

The area had previously been surveyed in 1998 when the Alexandrian government wanted to build a bridge over a street called Abdel-Qader Hamza.

Via: Ahram Online

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