The photo of Bergoglio with Videla is false

The photo of Bergoglio with Videla is false

These days a photograph is circulating on the Internet in which the former Argentine dictator Rafael Videla received the host from the hands of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the current Pope Francis I.

But nevertheless, that photograph is false, but the worst of it is that it is being replicated by twitter users, bloggers and even the media from different parts of the world who have seen it go viral on the web, but have not had the delicacy to investigate a little in depth if it was from a real photograph.

The historical reality is that Videla receives the host not from Bergoglio but from Octavio Derisi, and even, in the video that we leave you next, we can see the flash behind the religious, at which the photograph that is now circulating on the web would be taken.

Internet opens many doors and allows us to know reality instantly, but we media have an obligation to investigate things before publishing them, so as not to make mistakes before our readers and followers.

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