Ashlars from Roman times and remains of the convent of San Pedro and Santa Marta in Alicante

Ashlars from Roman times and remains of the convent of San Pedro and Santa Marta in Alicante

Through the Natural Gas pipeline works, remains of the convent of Santa Marta and San Pedro in the Plaza de la Generalitat, in the municipality of Villajoyosa (Alicante).

Is about remains of the buildings made by the Discalced Augustinians of the Congregation of San Pedro Apóstol, located in the Plaza de la Generalitat between 1607-1936 and which allow us to see part of the perimeter wall of the area destined for religious work in the convent.

In 2010, due to the pluvial canalization works, other structures were discovered that together with those currently discovered are of great importance, since they allow us to know more about the total plant of the religious building.

During its archaeological monitoring, another construction used as a dwelling by the friars has been observed, belonging to the east of the sacred part of the convent. This building later served as a prison and court after the events that occurred after the confiscation of Mendizábal, in 1836. In the same way, a section of the old Trinquete street that gave access to the convent has been known on Costera la Mar street.

Pepe Lloret, Councilor for Historical Heritage, explained that several ashlars have been found, which have been moved to be exposed to the archaeological park of Barberes Sud, and that due to their details and reuse may perfectly belong to the Roman age and more specifically of the Roman city of Allon.

This discovery is one of many that have occurred during the realization of different works and that have enriched La Vila Joiosa with culture and historical heritage and for that reason it enjoys great tourism.

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