Part of the Porta Principalis Dextra and the triumphal arch of gladiators discovered in León

Part of the Porta Principalis Dextra and the triumphal arch of gladiators discovered in León

An investigation developed in recent years under the name of " The architectural decoration of the Legio VII Gemina camp in León”Carried out by Angel Morillo, professor of Roman Archeology at the Complutense University, has discovered part of the gladiator gate and Porta Principalis Dextra of the Roman camp.

The findings show the existence of monumental buildings that by its columns, decorative moldings and marble cladding you can see its decorative spirit and the expression of the great imperial power.

Angel morillo found an 80-centimeter shaft whose origin was in Don Gutierre street number 4-10, which both by its measurements and its typology is a exceptional fragment. This piece belongs to the facade of a great monumental building. Because of the place where the piece has been found, it could be said that it is considered part of the entrance of the military amphitheater, part of the triumphal arch of the Porta Triunfalis, through which the triumphant gladiators came out.

A piece has also been found, which although it has not yet been spatially located, could be a lintel or entablature of the upper part of the frame of a large door, this could be the Porta Principalis Dextra.

In addition to legionary trainings, the amphitheater could have hosted expert gladiators. It is known that there were amphitheaters in Braga, Bobadela and León, but although it is possible that Astorga and Lugo also enjoyed their presence, nothing has been concluded yet.

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